The SC Kobudo Enbukan Dojo in Santa Clara, CA is run by Adrian, who holds Joi Soden Oku
(上位相伝奥), is a licensed instructor of the Enbukan, and Jikideshi (direct student) of Machida Kenshinsai. Adrian had been training in martial arts since 1979, and became a Jikideshi (personal disciple) of Kancho Machida Kenshinsai in 2002.

He travels regularly to Japan to train directly with Kancho Machida and Soshihan (head instructor) Machida Takeshi.

Previous to Enbukan training, Adrian has a history or martial arts training which extends back to the age of six, and includes Aikido, Shotokan Karate, Kuk Sool Won, Tai Chi, and Hung-Gar Kung Fu. In addition to his martial arts training, Adrian holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University in Physics, and has publications in Physics as well as Computer Science and other disciplines. Adrian has been Teaching Martial Arts since 1994 when he founded the Columbia Bujinkan Dojo at Columbia University.

In addition to Enbukan and Bujinkan Students, Adrian has taught Physics, Mathematics, Computer Programming, Computer Engineering, and Electronics. Through these many fields, and positions in Academia and in private industry, the martial arts has been a love and a continuing pursuit for Adrian.