What is Battojutsu?
Battojutsu is a somewhat anachronistic word which refers to the class of sword schools which evolved in Japan after the close of the Sengoku period. This era, called the Tokugawa era lasted form the beginning of the 17th century until Japan’s modernization under the Meiji Emperor. In this era, war was uncommon, and few Samurai wore armor, thus the emphasis in sword fighting was on speed and the ability to respond to circumstances as they changed in daily life.

Battojutsu is often compared to “gun slinging”, as that concept evolved in the continental United States and under similar circumstances. Similarly, European fencing and other European sword styles evolved to lighter faster weapons as gunpowder eliminated the efficacy of armor. Each of these three realities is different, but each has it’s similarity to the others. Battojutsu is the uniquely Japanese manifestation of this evolution of martial (military) arts.

What kind of sword do I need to train?
There are many kinds of training swords out there. It is highly disrecommended that a student purchase a sword before beginning training. It is best always to begin training, talk with the instructor, and receive advice about the length, weight, and other characteristics of a proper training sword. If however you are looking for some examples of swords that are used, many students chose the inexpensive Paul Chen Nami Iaito (26″ length). The preferred sword for most Enbukan training is #105 (T5) Iaito sward “HIGO KOSHIRAE” (Price: 45,000 JP Yen/ Blade length: 2.45 syaku (73.5cm) Weight: 800g)
Is traning expensive?
Battojutsu is sword training, so you will need a sword, and swords are not cheap. Having said this, there are affordable swords which are suitable for training. In addition to a sword however, you will need a training uniform. Even an inexpensive sword is likely to be almost $200, and a uniform – consisting of a top, belt and pants (called Hakama) are likely to be well over $100 as well. We do our best to make training possible for students without a great deal of money, and allow new students to simply begin with a white Gi (which can be purchased from any martial arts store inexpensively) and a wooden sword (called Bokken). Students are required to have a full uniform and a proper sword only in time for their first rank test, which will be several months at the earliest.

Monthly training dues are particularly modest however, so the cost of equipment is hopefully largely offset by this consideration.

Do I have to sign a contract?
No. We do not do anything like that at the Dojo. Our training is about learning, sharing, and a love for the martial arts. It is not a business. If you are interested in training, that is wonderful. If, at some point, you decide it is not for you, then you can stop at any time. Modest monthly dues are collected at the beginning of every month.