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Not-So-Local Dojo and Groups

Also Check Out

  • Winjutsu page – A great page full of good stuff. Lots of information about the art, history, discussion, whatnot.
  • Bujinkan Buyu Dojo USA – This is the Bujinkan organization mainly under Jack Hoban, who is one of the Bujinkan’s most senior and respected American teachers. Many dojo in this area (as well as elsewhere in the USA) are affiliated with Mr. Hoban and this organization.

TaiKai Links, etc.

  • Sorry, there are no more Taikai outside of Japan anymore.
  • Buyu Camp West – This is really the premier training event on the west coast these days. Definitely a place to go whether you can or can not make it to Japan to train.

More Interesting or Useful Stuff

  • Buki Co – A great place to get gear, I have a couple of their items which I am quite fond of. They Have bokken, and other weapons.
  • Bujin Design – Another great place to get gear. They make the best fukuro-Shinai around, I have two. They have lots of other good stuff as well. Very pricey, but I have never been dissatisfied.
  • Ninja Massage – Some humor I could not resist

If you are a bujinkan dojo in the Bay Area of California, or in the Los Angeles area, or anywhere else, and would like to have your dojo linked to this page, please let me know by emailing me and letting me know where you are at.